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We are a team of biomedical engineers, data and computer scientists pioneering the new science of personalised mental care. Our approach allows for each unique person to have its unique solution and experience.

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EMOTAI develops neurotechnologies that improve the performance and health of our brains, enabling us to redefine how we live and enjoy our lives.
EMOTAI is the #1 burnout fighting tool by providing the highest quality of cutting edge neurotechnology and AI tools while committed to the privacy of its participants.

We are part of the next wave of digital health by meeting the rising demand for scalable, clinically effective and tailor-made solutions in order to transform mental healthcare as we know it.
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We take privacy very seriously. Our goal is for everyone that uses our platform to feel like their information is safe. That’s why we go to great lengths in order to make everything anonimized from the sign up, onboarding and team pulse.

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We come from a research background in affective computing, brain computer interfaces and neuroscience. We are committed to study, develop and publish the amazing scientific breakthroughs we have at EMOTAI.  Would you like to read papers and case studies? Go here.

High quality


Everyone experiences burnout differently, which means the solution should also be experienced differently. That’s why we are proud to be able to provide you with a high-quality fully customisable solution that addresses the root of your team's burnout.

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