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What is the onboarding process for my team?
How long does the EMOTAI program last?
How long will it take me to get set up and see the results?
What types of organizations are a good fit for EMOTAI?
I have a small team. Is EMOTAI a good fit?
How much does EMOTAI cost?
How are you different from other options?
How to schedule product demo appointments?
What wider industry experience does your team have that will be beneficial to my team?


What does the EMOTAI headband do?
How do I clean my EMOTAI headband?
What is EMOTAI headband made of? (allergy concerns)
Should I be concerned about radiation from the EMOTAI headband?


How do you keep data private and secure?
What’s the science behind EMOTAI’s exercises?
Is the EMOTAI headband a treatment for anxiety, depression, or PTSD?
How do I know which exercise is best for me or my team member?

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